addiction treatment consulting petersen family counselingHaving a family member who struggles with addiction is challenging, especially when it affects the rest of the family. Finding treatment can feel even more overwhelming. With so many options for treatment and therapy, where do you begin? Addiction treatment consulting at Petersen Family Counseling can help you and your family get on the right path toward recovery.

What Is Addiction Treatment Consulting?

Addiction treatment consulting addresses the needs of a family who is struggling with substance abuse. There are thousands of addiction treatment facilities in the United States, and each one offers different services that can benefit your family. However, with all of the rehab jargon, it can be challenging to narrow down and find a facility that’s perfect for you.

Addiction treatment consulting at Petersen Family Counseling will address a variety of questions, including:

  • What type of drug does your loved one need treatment for?
  • Do you want an in-state or out-of-state treatment facility?
  • Are you paying with cash or insurance?
  • Do you want them to have specialized care for their age or gender?
  • What role does the family play before, during, and after rehab?
  • Do you need an interventionist?
  • What types of addiction treatment and therapy does your family need?

Along with evaluating your current circumstances, the therapists at Petersen Family Counseling will also help explain the differences between different types of treatment programs and what benefits they can offer your family.

Types of Addiction Treatment

There are many types of addiction treatment options for individuals struggling with substance abuse. Each facility offers different benefits, and addiction treatment consulting can help you determine what’s best for your situation. The most common types of addiction treatment include:

Residential treatment: Residents stay in a facility 24/7 while undergoing treatment for their substance use disorders.

Partial hospitalization program: Patients stay in a sober living home and visit the treatment facility every day for treatment.

Intensive outpatient/outpatient program: While living at home, patients attend regular treatment and therapy sessions at the treatment facility.

Each type of treatment will suit different individuals. For example, most programs for teenagers are intensive outpatient programs so that adolescents can still live with their parents while undergoing treatment. For those who struggle with chronic relapse, a residential program may be more ideal.

Addiction and the Family

Addiction affects the entire family system. As such, many treatment facilities offer various types of therapy services to suit the needs of families. Whether it’s marriage counseling or family counseling, it’s important to find out what your facility offers to provide support for your loved ones.

In addition to addiction treatment consulting, Petersen Family Counseling offers a range of family counseling services, including:

These services can help support you and your family as you begin the recovery process.

Consulting at Petersen Family Counseling

Take the guesswork out of finding rehab for your loved one. The professionals at Petersen Family Counseling are ready to help you and your family get started with recovery through comprehensive addiction treatment counseling.

As you begin your search for addiction treatment, Petersen Family Counseling can also support your family through addiction therapy services, including:

Don’t wait another day. Finally, begin your journey to restabilize and heal your family by calling Petersen Family Counseling today at 720.541.6289.