treatment staff discussing with man and woman codependency treatment strategies

Codependency Treatment Strategies

Codependency is a type of mental health disorder that can cause you to enable a friend or a loved one’s negative behaviors. It can increase the chances that you will experience unhealthy relationships, which is why codependency treatment strategies focus on helping you regain control of your thoughts, feelings, and actions. Maintaining healthy relationships is…

woman laying down at therapy services with therapist discussing benefits of psychotherapy

Benefits of Psychotherapy

Mental health and substance abuse disorders can make it difficult to live a normal life and can negatively affect your physical health, relationships, and brain chemistry. A mix of evidence-based treatments, including psychotherapy, are used to treat mental health and substance abuse issues. Psychotherapy is highly effective and safe. Among the many benefits of psychotherapy…


Importance of Consistency in Recovery Addiction

Consistency, Accountability & Transparency These three words accompany anyone who is in recovery whether it’s recovery from alcohol, addiction, codependency or process addictions. Consistency is about creating success through repetition. A friend of mine in recovery says he learned early on to go to “regular meetings regularly,” It wasn’t about the number of meetings he…